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After much hum-hawwing about what should be done to get our hands on a good figure 8 microhpone, we found the CAD Trion 7000. The pattern is ideal for capturing multiple singers, guitar and bass cabinets and much more. It is made in China, and bears a strong resemblance to the ShuaiYin SYC3000. The Trion 7000 is a dynamic, dual-element, ribbon microphone. I am big fan of CAD products like their headphones. 2 avis d&39;utilisateurs. Hmm, we don&39;t have any.

The rugged metal housing and construction. Downloads & Owners Manuals Downloads Whether you&39;re looking for catalogues, brochures or flyers – you&39;ll find all Festool media here, available to download as PDF files. This dual element ribbon mic is very smooth sounding.

The output is nearly the same as my much cheaper ribbon mic from Nady. The Unique 7000 Series is an innovative new generation of Tri-Clover® single seat valves that are designed to meet the highest process demands of hygiene and safety. Professional Microphones Features • 1" gold sputtered hand dampened dual diaphragm capsule. Trion 8000 Multi Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone.

TRION 8000 Multi-Pattern Tube CAD Quality All Trion 8000 microphones are audio tested and inspected prior to shipment. Download 174 Trion Air Cleaner PDF manuals. Neuf à partir de 289 € prix. 0 + Shipping. The Trion 7000 from CAD is a professional, low cost ribbon microphone that delivers the sensitivity needed to capture vocals in great detail. Central States Industrial (CSI) offers Unique 7000 Series valves from Alfa Laval.

Guitar Center: Shop. The figure 8 pattern ribbon microphone provides even sensitivity and frequency response at both sides of the capsule. Professional Microphones Features • 1.

The CAD Audio TRION 7000 Dual Element Ribbon Microphone is a professional, low cost ribbon microphone that delivers the sensitivity needed to capture vocals in great detail. Trion 8000 – 9. I tested them side by side on a Focusrite Preamp and the Mics sound nearly Identical. For more info visit CAD Audio TRION 7000 Overview• Dual elemnet ribbon for increased sensitivity • Outstanding warm classic vocal sound • Includes a professional shockmount • Aluminum carrying case All Trion 7000 microphones are audio tested and inspected prior to s. As low as /month with. Its a sound but dont get the sense the 7000 is one of CAD&39;s winners. Dual-element Ribbon Microphone Thick and rich, the dual ribbon "rounds out" guitar stacks, brass, and woodwinds. The Trion 6000 incorporates a sophisticated, precision-machined, hand-assembled capsule.

Sell One Like This; Price Guide. The circuit uses a pentode tube and an output transformer. HI, I own a At and Just purchased a CAD trion 8000.

Shop popular cad-trion-7000-ribbon-microphone chosen by Drop communities. I&39;m looking to get a Tube mic mainly for vocals, and surprise surprise I can&39;t spend an awful lot of money. The Trion 7000 incorporates a sophisticated, precision-machined, hand-assembled aluminum ribbon capsule offering a rich, warm, classic sound.

5W each) POE (Power over Ethernet) The power sourcing equipment must be compliant with. Tried the 60 - if the 8000 had a bass roll-off, would have kept it and sold my M9. See more results. Travel back in time with the extra large diaphragm, RF pentode, iron core, and 120 volts of drive. Follow this Product. The Trion 6000 is a 3-pattern FET condenser mic with a transformer-coupled output. The low mass 1-inch gold vapor deposited, hand dampened diaphragms offer an articulate, rich and open sound ideal for studio vocals, choir, classical.

I&39;ve used the Trion 7000 for acoustic guitar, piano, and even tried it for a quick vocal as well. After putting it through some trials of electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals, we&39;ve come to appreciate its very warm, round sound. Its wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 10 kHz allows you to capture a range of instruments and audio sources, whole its Figure-8 polar pattern makes it an effective tool for middle/side stereo applications and recording live bands.

I&39;m up for other suggestions of microphones, but often these just end up becoming an endless list of mic&39;s I have to attempt to. A narrow strip of ultra cad trion 7000 manual thin aluminum suspen. Heard good things about the 8000 and may pick one up at some point but was curious about the 7000 bec it seemed like such an economical option and so much with CAD is very solid bang for the buck.

This seller is open. It is an excellent tool for recording vocals, brass and woodwinds, cello, acoustic bass as well as guitar and bass amps. CAD Audio TRION 7000 Specs. CAD Professional Microphoneswww. Skip to main content Skip to footer siteUsedCAD TRION 7000 Drum Microphone. · I use a CAD M9 and M179 - love&39;em both. CAD Audio Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone.

Use all three polar patterns to define space and tone. CAD Trion 7000 Dual-Element Ribbon Microphone. User manuals, Trion Air Cleaner Operating guides and Service manuals. · Cad Trion 6000 vs Cad m179. The mic is straight forward enough and I don&39;t absolutely need a manual, but would just like a PDF if there is one to throw in the folder I have for mics.

CAD Audio Trion 6000 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone. Join Drop to discover the latest details on CAD Trion 8000 Microphone, MXL R144. All three are supplied with a cat’s cradle suspension type shock mount and each comes in a foam-fitted metal surfaced case with a carrying handle. A switch on the body (not on the power supply, as in some tube condensers) allows selection of omni, cardioid, or figure-of-8 pickup. Curious if anyone that bought a new one had cad trion 7000 manual a users manual included. Hopefully first hand? Guitar Center: Shop New, Used and Vintage Gear. Trion 7000 – 9.

I purchased the RE20 for 0 from Sweetwater Music and the Trion 7000 from ZSounds for 9 My playing and tone are far from perfect here, but that may actually give us a better perspective on how a mic records the horn. So if you want very smooth natural sound from your vocals, this mic works great. Iwas hoping to get that wow factor from the cad But it seems the at is right there.

· Thanks DT Thats ribbons in general as far as the rolloff goes. The Nady is a more raw sound, this CAD is more smooth. 3_3_3 Lane/7000 Power values in different modes Lane/7000 works at voltages between 8VDC and 12VDC. It&39;s a very sensitive microphone on account of the dual diaphragms, so it&39;s definitely best suited for acoustic instruments.

CAD Trion 8000 / M-Audio Sputnik / MXL V69 Anyone have experience with these at all. Transparent, airy, rich and silky. The Trion 7000 is a ribbon microphone with a short, squatty body and a large ball shaped grill. The microphone is precisely what we needed.

· The mics are the Eletro-Voice RE20, a dynamic mic and the CAD Trion-7000. The Trion series is fairly new, although the major positive reviews are on the 80. Trion 7000, Microphone à Ruban de la marque CAD.

The Trion 8000 is a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone with 3-way pattern switch. TRION 6000 Multi-Pattern Condenser CAD Quality All Trion 6000 microphones are audio tested and inspected prior to shipment. I use to be a dealer (amongst other &39;affordable&39; brands), and never had any issues with CAD - they always won out to my ear. Read user reviews for CAD Trion 6000 Multi-Pattern Studio Condenser Microphone and see over 325,000 product reviews at zZounds. · CAD Trion 8000 Users Manual - Is There One? 12" gold sputtered multi pattern hand dampened dual diaphragm capsule. Mode Lane/7000 Power (W) Idle mode - backlight OFF Idle mode - backlight ON cad trion 7000 manual Typical – smartcard and contactless in test - Backlight ON Maximum (+2 Loads of 2. It is an excellent tool for recording vocals, brass and woodwinds, cello, acoustic bass as well as guitar and bass.

CAD Audio is a leader in innovative and cost-effective high performance studio and live microphones. · Trion 6000 – 9. It can be used in both live and. CAD Audio CAD Professional Microphones (1988), initially formed in 1931 as the Pro Audio division of Astatic, now designs and manufactures microphones for the recording and live sound markets. CAD brings back the look, sound and feel of early condensers. I also recorded me singing into both mics at the same time and thay have a nearly Identical sound through my monitiors. Our absolute commitment to quality insures that CAD microphones remain the Best Value in today&39;s competitive industry.

CAD&39;s Trion 7000 gets its signature sound from its hand-assembled, highly sensitive aluminum ribbon capsule. Skip to main content Skip to footer siteUsedCAD TRION 7000 Dual Ribbon Microphone.

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